Supreme Court Rules on Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands

On March 22, last Saturday, the Supreme Court came to an important decision regarding Star Athletica v. Varsity Brands which marked the first time that they heard a case about apparel design copyright. The decision held that “a feature incorporated into the design of a useful article is eligible for copyright protection only if the feature (1) can be perceived … Read More

Buying Guns is Easy – and Cheap – on the Dark Web

While 3D printing presents promise and opportunity for saving lives, it presents danger and peril when placed in the wrong hands. We all know about the mysterious dark web; the place to go for anything “above the law.” A prime example is Silk Road; the infamous site for buying illegal drugs with cryptocurrencies that was busted by the FBI a … Read More

3D printing and IP: It’s not just child’s play

The continued emergence of the 3D printing revolution presents more intellectual property issues, now in the world of toys. Toys R Us recently partnered with XYZprinting and Hasbro filed a patent for a 3D scanner which allows children to scan their favorite toys and output the scan to the printer. Toys R Us and Hasbro understand the ramifications of 3D … Read More

Featured Artist: Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson is a character artist from Vancouver, Canada. He has been working in the game design industry since 2000, and his attention to detail when creating characters is what lands him in our artist feature of the week. You can find his other works in his ArtStation portfolio.  

Featured Artist: Pietro Chiovaro

Meet Pietro Chiovaro, a freelance 3D artist from Palermo, Italy. He is skilled in all kinds of 3D platforms such as Blender, Maya, AutoCAD, Cinema4D and more. His gallery showcases his work with hair, cloth, and fluid simulation. Pietro is quick to respond to freelance requests and you will not be disappointed with the final result. In addition to 3D … Read More

Working Towards A Solution: Thingiverse vs. eBay

As mentioned in the previous blog from last week, many cases of online theft go unnoticed on file-sharing websites.  In March 2016, 3D content creators were in an uproar because an eBay user called just3dprint took thousands of files from Thingiverse, a user-generated content sharing website, and sold them for profit on eBay. The user tried to defend their shop … Read More