Working Towards A Solution: Thingiverse vs. eBay

As mentioned in the previous blog from last week, many cases of online theft go unnoticed on file-sharing websites.  In March 2016, 3D content creators were in an uproar because an eBay user called just3dprint took thousands of files from Thingiverse, a user-generated content sharing website, and sold them for profit on eBay. The user tried to defend their shop … Read More

Featured Artist: Lindsay Towns

Lindsay Towns is a budding environmental artist from Davidson, Michigan. Using Maya and Photoshop, she creates fantastic textured environments, characters, and objects that look like paintings. Her unique style has caught our attention as this week’s D3CRYPT3D featured 3D artist. Here are some examples of her work which you can also find on her Artstation portfolio and Linkedin.        

Thoughts on Intellectual Property

3D printing is a rapidly growing industry and is expected to be worth billions within the next several years. 3D printing is disrupting various industries by cutting out the middlemen and providing people with direct access to things they need. For example, just last year a college student 3D-printed his own Invisalign braces, saving him thousands of dollars. Unfortunately with this … Read More

Marines 3D Print Nibbler Drone

As a former Marine, I like to keep abreast of the new developments presented in the community. When I read about the Marines using 3D printing technology to make Nibbler drones to offer surveillance and carry supplies, I thought “it’s about time” and was thrilled! 3D printing fits in with the Marines’ “adapt and overcome” mentality. While this new 3D … Read More

3D Printing and its Limits.

I’m all for 3d printing, but these guys just 3d printed a full sized Ducati Motorcycle. Its featured on . Crazy what every one is up to with this sort of technology. Metal printers are already here, so what stops the tech from stealing straight files and creating your own real Ducati Bike. This sort of thing raises questions … Read More