Our Story

D3CRYPT3D was founded collectively by Dosa Kim, Partha Ray, and Chloe Kettell.

Kim, an established digital artist in movies and video games, and Ray, a veteran data encryption specialist, happened to live next door to one another in Los Angeles. Sharing their professional insights with each other and after many nights of discussions, they hatched the idea of writing software to protect 3D assets.

In today’s digital world, 3D files are an integral part of manufacturing, entertainment, and ideation. These 3D files are highly sought after and quite valuable. Currently, there are programs that can protect computer files, but there is absolutely no software available to protect and manage 3D assets in the public domain. In our view, that is a huge problem!

We built D3CRYPT3D because we want to solve the biggest problem in the 3D market. Digital 3D assets are being illegally downloaded and reused everywhere. Artists and creators spend hours bringing their ideas to life, only to have them stolen and used for profit by other people.

D3CRYPT3D is a cloud-based platform that allows users to share, manage, and deliver their 3D assets securely. D3CRYPT3D is designed for everyone: the artist, architect, designer, gamer, printer, and student.

The founders of D3CRYPT3D have one goal in mind. To protect the 3D intellectual property of hardworking artists and professionals.


The Team

Chloe Kettell

Co-founder & CEO

Chloe drives D3CRYPT3D’s strategic vision, while also leading networking and investor outreach efforts for the company. As a University of Maryland graduate and a former Marine, Chloe is a natural leader with a knack for executing on time and efficiently. Her passion for the company’s mission, along with her charisma and networking abilities, helps D3CRYPT3D to move forward purposefully regardless of the situation.

Partha Ray

Co-Founder & President

Partha oversees all technical operations at D3CRYPT3D. After graduating from Virginia Tech in 2001, Partha started an eDiscovery and forensics company, growing it organically into a multi-million dollar entity. He has worked for a host of companies creating forensic services divisions, hiring and training employees, and performing major data collections. With over 15 years of experience in forensics and eDiscovery, Partha provides D3CRYPT3D with a deep understanding of encryption and how it can be utilized most effectively.

Dosa Kim


Dosa is a 3D artist who launched his own visual effects studio, GOMA, in Los Angeles three years ago. His rolodex of clients has included luminaries such as Nike and Coke, as well as several high profile movie productions. Dosa has received numerous accolades for his work in the world of Graphic Design and fine arts – he finished as runner-up in the 2009 Cut & Paste Competition in New York City and he was recently chosen as one of the artists to work on Jose Cuervo’s relaunch. Dosa earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Georgia and is a graduate of the Gnomon School of Visual Arts in Hollywood, CA.

Mike Shull


Mike Shull is a self-taught programmer with over 15 years of development experience. Through his experience in the eDiscovery industry, Mike has achieved a multitude of success, from developing systems to cracking them. He has worked for a host of companies creating and deploying multiple proprietary systems. Mike’s ability to learn and implement new concepts quickly makes him an invaluable asset to D3CRYPT3D.

Yohan Sawant

Database Consultant

Yohan Sawant is a Database Consultant with over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and maintaining large-scale production systems. He is proficient in Oracle Database, Java, and Linux. With a focus on system stability and performance, his past clients include IBM, Lockheed Martin, and Unisys.

Pauline Chung

Digital Media Intern

Pauline has 5+ years of experience in digital media and copy writing. She has worked for various companies creating digital content as well as graphic design and editing in 2D and 3D. She was drawn to the company’s vision for 3D asset management as well as the awesome team behind the company. Pauline graduated with honors with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Game Design and Development. She enjoys the creation process using Adobe Creative Suite and works on her animation projects in her free time.