Almost in the culinary world, there are many types of cuisine that continue to be present incessantly, making many people like to spend money to be able to taste these dishes. With a very sophisticated and modern era, you can get delicious types of food with a unique appearance and a booming taste on the tongue. But there is one cake that gives a legit taste by how to make lupis cake?

The various types of culinary dishes served are very diverse to the point that even vloggers are interested in exploring the types of food and posting them on various social media. However, the types of traditional food are not inferior to the latest cuisines. There are still many people who are interested in traditional food in Indonesia.

Traditional cake

D3crypt3d – One type of traditional cuisine that is often encountered is lupis cake. Lupis cake made from glutinous rice that is cooked and then wrapped in banana leaves. Not only lupis cakes that can be found but also klepon cakes, mayang flowers, and many more. Lupis is a type of dish that is served with a sprinkling of coconut and sprinkled with grass jelly or brown sugar water.

Not only lupis cake which is served with grated coconut and grass jelly. There is still a green klepon cake filled with brown sugar water and sprinkled with grated coconut. To be able to get a lupis cake, you can look for it at a traditional cake shop or at a cake shop that provides lupis cake.

stages – stages of making cakes//lupis

Let’s make your own cake at home

But what if you want to enjoy lupis without having to go out of the house without being tired and not having to heat up when you want to eat lupis cake. Of course you can enjoy everything easily without having to go out. No need to use expensive ingredients to make lupis cakes. With just a few easy ingredients, you can make a delicious lupis cake.

As we know, lupis cake uses glutinous rice, grated coconut, water cincau [brown sugar water] and banana leaves. The banana leaves will later be used to wrap the lupis cake when it is steamed. Banana leaves have a distinctive fragrance. So that the smell of banana leaves can help give the aroma to the lupis cake.

So the first step to take is:

– Prepare glutinous rice, wash and then soak

– Soak in clean water for 1 day

– After soaking for a day then drain the glutinous rice

– Mix it with whiting water and don’t forget to salt

– Prepare banana leaves

– Fold the banana leaves in a triangular or elongated shape then add the glutinous rice that has been soaked in whiting water and salt

– Take 1 tablespoon of glutinous rice

– After forming a banana leaf and filling it with glutinous rice, it can be directly stabbed with a toothpick or tied using a rafiah rope, do it until the end

– Prepare a pot for steaming or a pot that has been filled with water

– When you want to cook water, don’t forget to add salt and pandan leaves

– After the water boils, add the wrapped lupis and cook for about 5 minutes

– 5 minutes after turning off the stove and don’t open the stove, let it sit for 30 minutes with the lid closed

– After 30 minutes then cook again with a time of 7 minutes.

– And let stand again for 30 minutes in a submerged state

– Then drain in the prepared container

– Then prepare the grated coconut

– And brown sugar water

Then it has become a delicious and legit lupis. Note for banana leaves before being used to wrap the banana leaves in the sun or you can also bake the banana leaves until they are wilted.