A game that will take you to Egypt. There will be many types of symbols that you can find in power of ra. This Egyptian-themed game will show you the beautiful places of Egypt such as the pyramids, ancient Egyptian relics, the Nile and many more. In the game power of ra you will meet the king and queen who lead and protect egypt.

This machine game that makes up 5 spins and 3 rows will also give you unexpected high wins. Every time you start playing the game you have to come up with a strategy to win the Power of Ra. With 10 ways you can already win and get a lot of coins.

Game winning direction

D3crypt3d – Gamers will enter the place where the kings rest, namely the pyramid. Where there are many treasures that gamers can get. In addition to stopping by the pyramid you will be accompanied by many beautiful women from Egypt. Which women have an attractive and beautiful appearance. The women who will be ready to help you to win.

The presence of the king and queen will greatly help gamers. Because the king and queen will give a lot of unexpected victory coins. By getting 3 or more same marks will get coin value. Not only that, the direction of the presence of the symbol is also the most important thing in the game of power of ra.

egyptian power
king and queen chance to hit the jackpot//egyptian power

Activate free spins

The direction of the arrival of the symbol that can trigger victory comes from the left. So that the symbol that appears from the left will form a pattern then gamers will receive payment coins. In this case the wild can replace all symbols except the scatter. Wild can also activate free spins. To be able to get free spins, gamers must get 3 wilds, so that there will be 10 free spins active. The power of ra is the power that came from the egyptian book.

A book that will show you some symbols that can lead you to an unexpected victory. To be able to play this game is very easy, you just have to choose the amount of bet you want and then you can also set the type of game you want. In the Power of Ra game there are 2 types of games, namely manual and automatic games.

Game info and auto

Which is the manual type you have to press the button continuously until the game ends and for automatic you don’t need to press the button. It’s just a matter of waiting for the screen to rotate by itself and give the next winning value. If you are still curious about the power of ra game symbol, you can see the game information.

There will be a lot of information that you can get starting from symbols, amounts, and steps to win the game you can find in the game info. If gamers manage to get the same wild and next to another symbol, the wild will turn into that symbol and take you to the Egyptian book. The Egyptian book will show a game screen with lots of symbols.

Wild which changes game symbols.

All of the symbols will turn into symbols next to the wild and fill the screen and congratulations you get a lot of winning points. In addition to presenting the wild egypt book can also provide great value. Getting the same 5 wilds will make you win. The symbols that you can find in the game power of ra are: photos of the queen of the pharaohs, the king of the kings, the eye symbol, the red wing ball, the green wing ball, and remy cards [ A, K, Q, J, and 10 ]